Drug Offences: Federal and non-federal charges, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Possession, Trafficking, Supplying, sales and/or Use of prohibited drugs and/or plants.


Prescription Drug Abuse: Illegal possession, use and/or distribution of prescription medications. Prescription and non-prescribed medication abuse of human growth hormones, anabolic steroids, anti-aging drug and pain medications. Distribution and/or use without legitimate prescription and/or for non-legitimate medical purpose. Pain clinics, atheltes, body builders.


Aviation Litigation: Air crash and accident investigation and litigation, damage cases including claims for wrongful death and personal injury arising out of aviation accidents, Defenses in FAA enforcement actions relating to breaches of aviation regulations, TFR, airman license suspension, revocation and sanctions, and other matters Defenses in criminal proceedings relating to air crashes and other violations of statutes and FAA regulations.


Sex Offences: Consensual and non-Consensual sexual Act, assault, lewdness, Indecent Exposure, Pornography, Solicitation of a minor.


Victims of Sex Offences: Forcible and non-forcible sex offences, Sexual assault, sexual abuse and other sexual crimes.


Assault and Battery: Intentional and no-intentional Threats, Self-Defense, Mutual Combat and/or Defense of Property.


Violation of Probation: Early Termination of Probation, reinstatement of probation.


Domestic Violence: Felony and Misdemeanor Domestic assault and battery.  


D.U.I/ Traffic Tickets: Temporary Drivers License, Expert analysis of breathalyzers, Points reduction, wrongful death.


Restraining Orders/ Injunctions: Temporary Restraining orders, Preliminary Injunctions.


Expungement of Criminal Record: Sealing and Expungement of criminal records.






Medical Malpractice: Injuries or death arising from miss-diagnoses, improper administration of anesthesia, wrongly prescribed medication, poor operative techniques, contraction of infection and general patient neglect.


Auto Accidents:  Insured, uninsured and/or underinsured claims. These include injuries and collisions caused by defective products, or improper designs of automobiles and trucks, such as defective seatbelts, air bags, tires or gas tanks.


Personal Injury: Car and truck accidents, slip/trip and fall accidents, injuries from defective products, accidents or incidents which result in someone's death, and cases of medical negligence or malpractice.


Aviation Insurance Claims: Insurance coverage disputes, Air crash and accident investigation and litigation, damage cases including claims for wrongful death and personal injury arising out of aviation accidents.


Nursing Home Negligence: Victims of mental and/or physical abuse, unwarranted verbal attacks, starvation, and other forms of mistreatment that may cause harm or death.


Gay/Lesbian Family Matters: Domestic Partnership Agreements, Durable Powers of Attorney, Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships. 


Divorce: Divorce Mediation, Contested and uncontested divorces, Child Support, Child Custody & Visitation, Spousal Support, Division of Assets, Division of Property, and Division of Debts.


Domestic Partnership/ Dissolutions: Partition actions and agreements.


Foreclosure Defense/Loan Modification: Foreclosure litigation Defense, Loan Modification/Mortgage Modification Negotiation and mediation, Forensic Mortgage Analysis, lender fraud detection.




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