2010                State v. William Dailey. Pain Clinic prescription drug sales case
2009                Rhiannon Piago (parent) v. The Pumpkin Shell #3, Inc. Civil lawsuit case.
2008                State v. Lee Chang. Sex Offender Residency Restriction case.


2008                State v. LaCorazza. Sex Offender Residency Restriction case.


2008                US v. Peter Morgan. Easter District of NY narcotics case.


2007                Burelo v. Advanced Medical Center. Paraplegia due to medical malpractice.

2007                U.S. v. Air Pony. DC-9 Crash in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

2007                Platinum Jet v. FAA/NTSB. Private Jet Crash in Teteroboro, NJ.


2006                Rupena v. Parkway Regional Medical Center. Wrongful death.

2000                State v. Michael Mucha. Towing Co. theft of towed vehicles case.


1998                U.S. v. Donald Kornse. U.S. Marine Corps military equipment theft.


1996                U.S. v. Armando Estrada.  Miami River Cops corruption case.


1995                U.S. Basil Wainwright. Representation of non-FDA ozone equipment represented as
-                           an AIDS cure.


1994                U.S. Yahweh Ben Yahweh.  Representation of co-defendant John Foster, charged
-                          with racketeering and murder. Hung jury.
1992                U.S. v. Manuel Noriega.  Representation of former narcotics trafficker and Noriega
-                          co-conspirator.

1986                U.S. v. Byron Carlisle. Prosecution of U.S. Army Green Beret’s.

1986                U.S. v. Frank Culotta.  Organized Crime home invasion gang.

1986                U.S. v. Willie Jones. FHP patrolman sexual assault case.

1985                U.S. v. Felipe De Diego. Former Watergate burglar SBA loan case.


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